Obviously Afghanistan has undergone enormous changes since the fall of the Taliban government and the subsequent democratic election of President Karzai in 2004. Members of the Khazana team have been working closely with the government since that time, helping to build and structure several government initiatives.

Whilst international government agencies will undoubtedly continue to provide aid, expertise, and support, we consider that there are now significant opportunities for the private sector to expand and build much-needed enterprises thereby providing capital, employment, and training. Examples of successful recently established such ventures include Roshan, Etisalat, Standard Chartered Bank, Coca Cola Bottling and several others. Khazana Limited considers that it is optimally placed to advise in this area.


Khazana Capital is in a position to assist in the following areas on a consulting basis:

  • Review the alternative legal structures available in Afghanistan and make recommendation
  • Work with local lawyers to establish the company using a tax-efficient ownership structure
  • Apply for and obtain government approvals from the Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (business license) and the Ministry of Commerce (operating approval)
  • Identify office accommodation and negotiate leases
  • Source office personnel including the local office manager
  • Training and capacity building
  • Assist in setting up the office, form the administrative and structural perspectives, including furnishings and transportation
  • Establish a cost-effective technology solution, coordinating closely with offshore entities
  • Set-up bank accounts and reporting mechanisms
  • Create an advertising plan to properly promote the company
  • Security